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Hello there,

Some of You here know already my project as I managed to share with it on first release and after bigger update.

For those who see this for the first time

For the past year I’ve been working on my personal tool which I’ve named Personal Management System, sounds familiar isn’t it? Content Management System, but no it’s not designed for any blogging or website management.

Just like I’ve called it – it’s for personal usage only, for data that should not be available over internet and so on.

I’ve created this app because I really wanted some central point for storing my contacts, personal notes, plans for visiting some places, some schedules, goals, document, images etc. Everything just in one place, not between few clouds or still on paper.


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Reports charts

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It was almost half of year since my last update here so here is the list of the changes, and bugfixes.

Bigger updates

  • upgrade to symfony 4.4.8,

  • currencies support for Payment modules (without recalculating after currency change, for now this is only static value),

  • new Reports:

    • payments charts:

      • payments by types for each month

      • payments total amount for each month

      • total payments percentage for types

    • Savings charts

  • Resource Lock

    • as the project concept says “Personal” but it sometimes just happens that it’s required to check something in the system while someone is next to us, with this we can hide certain things in certain modules from GUI overview. It’s implemented in:

      • Notes,

      • Files,

      • Images,

      • Passwords,

    • mechnism is fully adjustable and can be pretty easily added to other modules when needed,

  • System Lock

    • this is a switch that makes the locked resources visible as long as the lock is turned off

    • lock is cleared upon logging of (there is no timeout for that for now),

    • lock requires password – and that can be (and recommend to be so) other password than the one used for loging into system,

    • password can be changed in user settings (there is no call for providing old password first),

Code quality updates

  • spiltted Actions logic from Controllers logic,

  • made some controllers more reusable,

  • cleaned up some controllers which means for example moving Repositories, Utils, Application to Core

  • added new core class like Controllers (contains all the controllers that I actually had to use so far from app context – does not mean that all controllers are there),

  • moved code from some Twig classes to controllers for reusability,

  • reogranized Twig classes structure

  • reorganized Services structure,

  • refactored database tables structure,

  • refactor ajax calls logic so it works now with self made backed AjaxResponse (in 90% of cases),


  • more modules/elements are working with ajax call,

  • added some input validations,

  • incomes module,

  • added syntax highlight plugin for TinyMCE,,

  • added new Report section Historical Money Owed,

  • added Datatable mechanism for easily attaching Filters selects that will filter table by selected data,

  • Added new form type IndentChoice (works just like a choice but allows to make indents on the list,),


  • some CRUD actions were not being called ad tall in certain modules,

  • upload was crashing due to datatable pagination,

  • could not soft delete parent event if all children were soft deleted,

  • could not open reports page,

  • images for contacts types sometimes were not rendered.

  • editing MyFiles record didn’t returned message,

  • datatables mass removal keept breaking page,

  • upload page didnt worked with ajax call,

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