Hello, I’m looking to create a clickable interactive image map and don’t know where to start at all. (0 experience)

What I’m trying to create is an interactive map for the game Call of duty: Warzone that me and some friends can access. Here’s an image of the map: https://mapgenie.io/cod-warzone/maps/verdansk.

I want to be able to zoom in and out like you can in the link that I’ve posted but also be able to click on certain buildings (blue outline in image below) which will then open up another image/video or link that shows what that area looks like from the ground/ingame POV that i’ll recording and take screenshots of when in game.


Post image

The reason why I want to make this is so we can just click on this map and see what the layout of the building looks like from the top/down and player POV without actually having to hop into a game to check it out. Which would make it easier to memorize what that area looks like without having to play the game.

Is it possible to do this and if so where do I start and what can I learn to get this accomplished. If there’s an app or program that can do this that would be great but if not I’m willing to learn how to get it done if it’s possible. Any tutorials would be nice too.

Thank you in advance, sorry if this has been asked before or if this is the wrong section. I just don’t know where to start and felt it would be easier if I explained what I’m trying to get done.

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