I’m looking to build a basic influencer discovery tool (like upfluence and similar products).

I noticed that upfluence has a huge database of influencers and seems to have all of the data available for instagram users via this Instagram Graph API endpoint


Things like location/city breakdown of their followers, gender, etc

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Now, I’ve been combing through the docs (just starting), and I have not read anything that explicitly says you can only access your own data (or data from creators who have given you some level of permission) BUT I’ve read a bunch of discussions online (stackoverflow, etc) that seem to indicate you can only access your own data.

So, I’m of course planning to mess around with the API to answer this question myself but thought I’d also pose the question here for now.

There are dozens of influencer discovery tools who seem to be accessing this information, and I can’t imagine that they’re scraping it (e.g. how do you get a creator’s audience gender and location breakdown by scraping the html of a creator page). I feel like they must have access to this stuff via the instagram Graph API.

Has anyone here delved into this?

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