Hello guys, basically the title says all, I feel like this could have been asked maybe zillion times, but I want to have some more specifications of how actually to become one.

As a someone who’s been trying to learn programming for a couple of years but just procrastinating it every single time when I hit some difficult concepts in programming, thus making no progress so far(looping in the tutorial hell). I’ve thought this maybe has to do with my mindset about learning anything. Since then I’m reading some books about how to change myself, books like ‘mindset’ from Carol Dweck, and now I’m reading ‘Grit’ from Angela Duckworth.

And there was interesting section in the book Grit, Angel Duckworth comments that you need to have a clear top goal in your life, and other mid-level and smaller goals that follows to actually achieve the top goal.

As I was doing this practice and thinking about what my top-goal is, I think becoming a web developer is my top-goal for now. However I’m having a hard time to fill out the mid-level goals because I don’t know what I need to know or what I should be able to do. The image below is my goal map.

Post image

Since I didn’t know what to fill out I’ve searched a little bit how to become a web developer, and here is the list.

– Fundamentals(HTML, CSS, JS)

– Git(Verison Control)

– Chrome Dev tools

– Unit testing

– Problem Solving

– Command Line

and etc.

I am pretty sure this is very important and fundamentals to learn, and I will try to learn them. But I also want to know what I should be able to ‘do’ with these if you want to land on a junior web developer job. So I can actually know what to ‘learn’ to ‘do’ that thing. For example.

– Can you make a fully working responsive website?(Mid-level)

a. Do you understand basic HTML/CSS/JS to make one? learn basic HTML/CSS/JS(low-level)

b. Can you build or consume API to make your wanted functionality possible on your website?(low-level)

c. Do you understand media queries? Learn media queries(low-level)

d. Do you understand and make layout with HTML/CSS?(low-level)

I’m not too sure example that I’ve written above is right, but you get the idea. I want to know what I should be able to ‘do’ as well as what I need to ‘know’.

Since you guys are in the web-development, can you give me some advices what my mid-goals(things I need to know and what you should be able to do) can be?

Thanks in advance and please let me know if my idea is essentially wrong.

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