Oops! I guess I have five questions. I’m hoping you can give me some feedback on some or all.

1) The book I’m republishing uses long paragraphs, and they look a bit crowded to me. Would it be crude to break them up into smaller ones, since this alters the original author’s intent?

2) I’m formatting the book as a 7×10. Right now I’ve got 1-inch margins on the inside and tops of pages, 0.75 inches on the outer parts, and 0.875 on the bottom parts. I read this was standard, but it looks like a ton of space is left empty. Does this look good to you?

3) Do you normally use double spacing in a print book (nonfiction, if it matters)?

4) Is there a way to take a text file and automate the deletion of spaces between paragraphs and/or the creation of indents at the start of each paragraph? Otherwise it’s going to take me days to do it manually.

5) Should a nonfiction book like this use paragraph indents or block paragraphs?

Thanks for the feedback!

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