I have noticed an awful and annoying trend lately for sites to provide this “Feedback” tab which pretty much always sits above and overlapping to the scroll bar on the right of the screen. The worst part is that it often is programmed to sit above and prioritize over the scroll bar, so click dragging past it or clicking on the scroll bar over it will trigger the button. This totally breaks the scroll bar click-and-drag functionality for those outside of techy/webdev circles (lots of people) who still click and drag or for large pages and etc. I have accidentally clicked this stupid button and have been redirected to some external feedback service probably hundreds of times by now. Even major sites with millions of visitors per day are using this monstrosity of a button (Paypal and Mailchimp come to my immediate thoughts). They could put it in a hundred different places on a page to avoid this. I’m baffled by this widespread page breaker.

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