I wanted to share my last ”personal work” about this cover that I made. Is just an imaginary album where we can find the songs that I like the most from those albums from Disclosure

As you see, I made it with some digital and glitchs effects, basically because their music is dance / electronic and I just see it like that. In the bottom I put their signatures and also the word ”alliance”, which means the name of this recopilation, pretending that is some kind of union between Settle and Caracas.

In the other side, I put the name of the tracks, where every of them are representing as their videoclip-color, inside a vinyl disk shape. In the right bottom corner there is a note that says the grammy nomination that they had before. Lastly I put the ”cover shape” in a mirror way, so if you watch carefully you can see it in the shadow.

I hope you like it!

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