I’m passionate about data visualization and a beginner in motion graphic who needs to learn how to illustrate with Illustrator or Photoshop. Where can I start?

I want to learn to illustrate to complement my visualizations. I don’t need to learn to draw with a pencil, or make a perfect face, or fully understand human anatomy. I think Andrew Loomis’s books are not for me, or am I wrong?

In fact, at least for now, to replace my lack of illustration skills, I’ll make collages whenever they are needed. However, it is not a resource that I will always use. Here are some examples of things that I liked:

Post image
Post image
Post image

What interests me? Learn how to illustrate, compose and color with Illustrator and Photoshop. I feel like I have to take a long time to understand perspective and enlightenment. I found these two books interesting: Perspective Made Easy and Light for Visual Artists. But I couldn’t find anything to illustrate that it caught my attention.

Here I share three examples of what I would like to achieve in a good time:


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