I’m currently taking an intro to HTML and CSS class with hopes of becoming a Web Developer in the next couple of years. I am having trouble with one of my assignments. The style sheet is not working the way it is supposed to when I try to view the document in my browser. I have tried validating the CSS sheet and there is no problem. I have also checked the instructions multiple times. As well as checking the visual CSS sheets provided earlier in the chapter. Can someone help me figure out what part of the CSS isn’t working?

I should add that we are not changing anything in the HTML document linked to the CSS. Just practicing moving the CSS elements around.

Thank you.

/* headings */header {background-color: black;}header div {color: white;width: 70%;border: 3px solid red;margin-top: 0;margin-bottom: 0.6em;margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto;}header p {color: black;background-color: white;border: 3px solid black;padding: 6px;}header p.phone {color: white;background-color: black;width: 50%;border: 3px solid red;margin-top: 0.4em;margin-bottom: 0.4em;margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto;}header p.established {width: 25%;}header p.award {width: 25%;float: right;}header p.options {width: 25%;margin: auto;}

This is what I am seeing versus what I should be seeing at this point.

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What I’m seeing

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