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I launched this late last year and have been updating but just discovered this sub (feature set and updates here: ). It’s a music practice tracker for musicians of any skill level. While there were other apps that did similar things, I didn’t feel like they behaved in quite the way I wanted, giving a good blend of structure to practice when you wanted it, or freedom to just mess around and jam, as well as organize things you are playing well.

The software is free and I’m building this as a pet project to help people – I don’t want to charge for it unless i start implementing features that cost me more. I’ve gotten around 20-30 people regularly coming back to log their practice and many more signups, which feels pretty great, and about 600 hours of practice time logged from users in 6 months.

Happy to answer any questions about the development process I use, the underlying technologies, or anything else you want to ask. I’ve also built a complimentary chrome extension that lets you quickly add a chord chart or a link online as a song to your library.

I am a full time software developer in the industry for 15 years, and I balance building this up with using it myself to track my music practice.

Interested in any feedback or ideas on how to expand the software or make more folks aware of it, as music can be an expensive hobby and in these COVID times I hope a regular practice routine will help people feel more fulfilled.


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Dashboard showing weekly progress

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Song Library with tagging and filtering

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