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Hi everyone! First off, I hope you and your loved ones are doing fine under these circumstances.

I wanted to share this web application I recently made, a mood inducing word processor called Frost. It’s the first of its kind text editor meant for people who prefer writing to music and wish to get their first draft going.

Brief list of features

  • Completely distraction-free

  • Ad-free Music

  • Ability to download your file

  • Dark theme

  • Minimalistic interface

  • Overall ad-free experience

  • Numerous themes varying from mood to mood

It’s completely free to use and has been for several months now. It will remain free to use forever.

Inspiration behind the application: I just wanted to have a platform for writers and poets who wish to write to music. Nobody has the time to search for the ‘perfect’ soundtrack while writing and you just can’t afford to get the muse get away while doing so.

The website is and works best on laptop/desktop devices. Headphones are recommended for the complete experience!

I would love to get feedback on it and see your opinion on it. Thanks for reading!

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