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About the Website

This is my first completed website:

Let me know what you think!

This project took me roughly two weeks of full time programming to complete, involving the following:

  • Programming Language: Python

  • Framework: Django

  • JavaScript Libraries: Three.js

  • Paas: Heroku

  • Interaction with a couple of APIs: Google Maps (Reverse Geocoding), and a Covid-19 data API

The Intention

Covid-19 Earth 3D was created with the purpose of visualising correlations between Covid-19 case data, and additional global issues including:

  • Global Corruption

  • Systems of Government

  • Current Climate, and Climate Change

  • Global Wealth Distribution

  • Air Pollution

  • Population Density

Our perceptions of the pandemic are generated based on reported Covid-19 case data. Available data sets influence important decisions at all levels of society, determining pandemic prevention strategies all across the globe.

I believe it’s important to analyse the role global issues play in determining our understanding of the virus – allowing pandemic response plans to become more intelligent, and receptive to possible distortions in referenced case data.

Programming Problems

Personally, I enjoy experimenting with the capabilities of Three.js and WebGL despite encountering various performance issues. Load times for the website are reasonable, but certainly not desirable.

Known Issues:

  • Globe textures can take several moments to load

  • Selected data for some countries will not appear

  • Website is optimised for Desktop over Mobile

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