How are you guys doing? So i just started learning about the fundamentals of graphic design. I’ve made my first attempt to use actual strategy behind my art and i’d love some feedback on them. They are for a fictional business that offers design and programming services.

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In the front i used splatter effects with triadic colors to symbolize art. The logo is a coding tag with a pencil instead of a slash (to symbolize art and coding) inside a honeycomb form (often used in sci-fi art). the coding wall is kinda glitching through to symbolize that there is programming behind it. In the back i used a rather formal style but with splatters of paint upper right (to mix formality with art).

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In the second one, i used the image of Mona Lisa in ASCII to mix computing and art. I highlighted the phrase “programming meets art” in blue because blue symbolizes trust and because some lines of code (like functions in PHP) has this color. In the back i tried something simple and formal. There are three variation of the positioning of the logo (I couldn’t decide which one was the best).

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In the last one, i tried something completely subtle and serious. I used triangular forms in the background because geometric forms often are related to mathematics. I’ve also chosen these fonts to give a mature aspect to the information.

This is my very first post in this subreddit, so if it was too long or too redundant i apologize and thank you for your patience.

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