Just wanted to get some feedback here. I’m new to the graphic design field, despite experience in the Adobe Suite. I was tasked with creating a rendering for a new street design, and demonstrating how the street could be used for outdoor street activity e.g. festivals. I was given some general dimensions for the proposed street design, a low-quality Google Street view photo of the existing street, and that’s pretty much it…. Here’s what I came up with.

I took the dimensions into SketchUp and mocked up a rough SketchUp model based on the dimensions. I then went through 3D Warehouse and cobbled together a line of facades, editing the buildings to get a semi-cohesive street design. Then I brought it all into Photoshop and collaged together the original street photo (all but hidden now), my SketchUp rendering exports, and elements I hunted down from around the internet. The lightposts originally had the logo for the client on the flags, which in itself took some cleanup in Photoshop.

So here’s the question. This took me the larger part of a work week, and I billed it as such, with around 35-38 hours for this rendering (I’m salaried). I’m sort of the first graphic designer this company has worked with, and due to my own newness, I think we were each a bit uncertain how much time to allot for this. Anyway, the company came back and were really happy with the rendering, but were concerned with how long it took and how much time I billed for.

Is 35-38 hours out of the ordinary for this? I had to produce pretty much every piece of the image from scratch, and revised the rendering multiple times based on their feedback (I think I lost 10-15 hours swapping out different pavement and building ideas at their request). I just don’t know if I should stand my ground with “this is how long these things take”, or if I need to work on upping my speed.


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