Hi there!

I am learning to make webpages for like 2 months, and i got the point when i have to style my web page,and god its dammn hard xD

I am making a drum customization app/webpage to aplly my knowledge on JS,,Angular, HTML and CSS. I got to the point when the more i change, the uglier the site gets.

So i have some questions that i would like to place here:

1- lets say i have one div with a button in it. How can i make that,for exemple, the padding that i am placing is for that div and not for the web page?

2- I have a angular grid with some angular tab, and when i place the with of the tab like 1000px, the tab dont change, like its strick to something.

3- I have a toolbar with some text in it, how can i make that the text on mobile mode view stays the same aspect ratio. BEcause when i change to mobile view the text continues with the same size, and get out of the toolbar.

4- what tips can u guys give me, so that my web page doesnt look like from 1990 xD

EDIT: All the logic works, the visual aspect of it its just pretty bad

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