Not a coder or anything remotely close to that, so got some rather basic questions for redditors here.

I want to do create a landing page for my friend’s journal app for fun. We have a rough idea of how things are laid out on the landing page:

Post image

Nothing fancy for now. Sorry about the yucky green-yellow color combo. We haven’t decided on the brand colour just yet.

We will need the “Enter email address” and the line underneath to be replaced with “Thanks!” message once visitor clicks on the CTA button. We will also need the social media icons to somehow make it easy for visitors to spread the word – preferably without leaving our website. And if that’s not possible, what’s the standard way to do that?

We are thinking of doing this via Webflow to start, since it might be fun to do some basic coding and trying to customise a template might be harder? Other suggestions on this is welcome. We are going for cost-effective solution here as we are paying out-of-pocket.

Down the line, we will change up the landing page into a website with basics like ‘About’, ‘Contact us’.

So we got a domain. What do we do now? We really need easy step-by-step instructions here.

Thanks so much!

PS. Sorry in advance if we end up seeking more explanation from your comments as we don’t know any webdev terms.

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