So we recently switched to IT Glue for our documentation at work. I am creating SOPs and transferring them over. There is no way to link things within the same page like a wiki so that limits our ability to have a Table of Contents. However, you can edit the source on some fields.

This is the document URL once it is loaded on the page:

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I created a link on the TOC and linked it down the page with an ID. When the link is clicked it loads only that part of the page and below with no way to go back. It is very clunky. Here is the URL after the link is clicked.

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I am looking for a way to link this so it seems seamless. I am thinking I might just be calling the element wrong way based on the way the URL loads, but I am not sure. If I need to post more information or what the source looks like on the edit document page I certainly can.

Source link

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