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Hey guys,

so my aunt is a chef and is going to start cooking Filipino dishes (as well as other types of dishes) and deliver the food to people’s houses and they can also pick it up from her home. She needs a logo for her business and I’ve offered to make one for her but I need your help. I can’t decide Which I like the most or if I even like any. Please be as honest as you can and tell me what you would change and what to keep. also please tell me which you like the most. The business is called Marmies and she’s based in an island in the Philippines called Siargao. I’ve marked each design with a number so you can easily tell me your thoughts on each on or the ones you want to critique.
thank you so much.

info about her business:

– a take away/ delivery food service with food fresh from our farm such as filipino sausages, udon noodles etc.

– food made by a professional chef who has worked in countries like New Zealand and The Philippines

– Filipino dishes as well as dishes From around the world

– name of the business: Marmies


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