Hello everyone! Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and any help that you can offer. I’m a musician and have been trying to figure out how to make a website along these lines: Tabletopaudio.com

I understand the front page’s audio gallery portion and the playlist player embedded at the top of the main page. On the top right they have a soundpad tool. Their soundpad tool perplexes me. I do not understand how to implement anything similar. They have Preset soundpads. What i like most is the ability to make your own custom soundpads from the sounds of their preset soundpads. Scroll to the bottom of the soundpad drop down menu, you can save custom batches called soundpads, of up to 40 sounds, on 1 page. Each can be triggered or looped and has a volume slider. There is also a drop down selection to select multiple time intervals of recurrence, while looping. You cannot load your own sounds and must choose from the choices they give you, but that’s the way I’d like to implement it as well. You can also select a bunch of sounds, set the volume and intervals of recurrence and then save that as a “scene.” You name the “scene” and it creates a bar at the top of your soundpad, with a button that instantly loads, that “scene”. This is is awesome and key. It lets you create atmospheres, from pieces and then save the settings for later recall making it easy to use and diverse. You can create as many scenes as can fit, on the top bar of the page and still have access to the pieces/sounds/soundpad, on the same page. You can create as many soundpads, as you like and adjust them instantly, on the fly. You can also open multiple browser windows having as many soundpads and scenes, as you want, running concurrently. It is in Beta and the biggest drawbacks i see so far are the GUI is not good, a 40 sound limitation and that i think it saves the settings locally, in your browser somewhere because if you clear your browser data, or use another computer, you have to start all over again and lose all your saved scenes, soundpads, etc.. It’s also a Beta so it’s finicky when it wants to be.

My experience with web design was from many years ago so I’m a pretty rusty, but i do know and understand basic HTML. I have generally been using WordPress for my websites as i said, it’s been a long time since I’ve studied new web development and so much has changed! I used to make sites sometimes with Dreamweaver but mostly straight HTML many, many moons ago. It’s been a long time. My interest in it has sparked again and i thought I’d combine some of my favorite interests like Audio production, Web Dev and Role Playing Games. I would love to do something like this: Syrinscape.com but i know that would require expertise I’m not capable of and probably a team of people. The first site seems much more within my reach. I would like to be able to make a grid like the colored pads on this: hardware music production tool:

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8X8 Grid of Buttons

I’d like the GUI to be an 8X8 grid on the website though. These “buttons” should trigger or loop, based on how you choose to set it, like tabletop audio. A key function I’d love is to be able to have users be able to create an account on the site, save their “soundpads,” “scenes”, their settings and be able to recall them anytime they login! I know this is asking a lot but i can’t find any direction as to how to do any of this. If i have to switch to something else like Joomla, learn some specific type of coding to understand how to do this or however…I will. Problem is I’m stumped and can’t find any info. I’d appreciate being pointed in the right direction, any help at all. Ideally it’d be a WordPress plugin but i looked everywhere and can’t find anything even remotely close to it. I understand I’ll probably have to custom make it and am ready for the challenge. I need direction so i don’t waste a lot of time spinning my wheels learning unnecessary things to do specifically this. Thank you again in advance for taking the time to read this. If you can help, thank you all that much more.

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