Hi all!

I just found this community (and read the rules) and don't think this goes against your guidelines (if so any recommendations of better communities?) so I'm here asking for help!

My dad used to own his own business back when I was a kid. He had a logo he put on hats, shirts, and mugs. To this day he still ONLY uses those mugs. Unfortunately it's been about 20 years since he sold the business and the mugs are dwindling. His birthday is coming up and I was hoping to have a couple new mugs made but all I have is a picture of one of the hats with the logo. Is there any cheap/free software or way I can take and edit it the photo to be just the logo I can put onto a mug? Or anyone I can commission to do this for me?

This may just be a pipe dream, but I thought it'd be a really good gift. I just don't want to see a day where my dad doesn't have his signature mugs to drink from!

Thank you!

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(Picture of the hat/logo)

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