I am developing a non-commercial website to hold accountable the companies, organizations, politicians, and individuals who put their profits above life during this COVID-19 crisis.

Twitter posts and press notes fade with time and get lost. My project is to create a portal that works as a permanent database of their actions so that society can have access to this information now and specially after this crisis is over. How they treat us now should guide how we treat them.

It would be a collaborative, international website, where people all over the world can upload actions taken by local and global companies. In order to ensure transparency and trustworthiness, users must also upload links from major local or global news portals describing the actions.

To keep it simple my idea is to create a type of table with the entries and filters. I have attached a simple layout I made.

My background is in international humanitarian work, I know very little about web development. I’m looking for activist (or bored) web developers, designers, journalists and others interested in contributing to this cause, please reach out here or at tlcl@protonmail.com.

Also, please be so kind as to share with others who you think might be interested 🙂

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