Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if Firefox and Chrome have different Cookie Policies? I’ve been now trying for days tosend cookies from my API at to my frontend at https://bd1.advena.me. I tried multiple CORS settings and other stuff – but Firefox only showed the Set-Cookie header, but never the cookie inside the Developer Storage Inspector.

Today, I tried to open the frontend on Chrome, and there are the cookies, stored inside the Cookies Storage!

Here are some pictures:

Post image

Cookies are send in the Header – Here in Firefox

Post image

Cookies are not stored in Firefox

Post image

Cookies are Stored in Chrome

What makes the difference here – or please don’t tell my that it’s a bad late Aprils fool joke from a wicked Firefox developer :/

– I tried with JavaScript fetch and Axios – no difference there.
– My backend is Django REST Framework and my frontend is a simple HTML file with JavaScript I use for testing. Running the HTML file on a local server and different port than my API (API: ; HTML: works in Firefox. Probably because of the same domain.

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