TLDR: We are looking for a solid way to support hierarchical attributes included in 3rd party product data. Any code snippet or shared experiences were helpful :o)

We’re currently planning a WooCommerce Shop and want to offer customers a smooth product-filtering experience. One of the challenges is dealing with various different measurement systems – but what we’re after can quite nicely get visualized with product colours as well:

Imagine 10 T-shirts in various shades of red and by different brands. One can consider given that each brand uses its own fancy names for red (crimson red, cherry, melon…). One can further consider given, that customers who filter for product colours only want to see a single colour swatch, when filtering for red T-Shirts. Hence, we in our ERP (which manages all fundamental product data) plan to consolidate shades of popular colours to colour families. Crimson red gets a child of attribute red and both values are sent over to WooCommerce. The parent value (red) is used for product filtering, while the brand-assigned colour name was used on product pages (possibly to distinguish several tones of red in a single product).

While we can add this attributes-hierarchy in our ERP, we also need WooCommerce to chew this non-native data. Has anyone of you done similar before or knows a tool that could get us started, so that we don’t have to build from scratch? We’re equally interested in alternative approaches to solve the outlined problem. At this point we’re still free to decide, which route to take.

Thanks for any input!

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Product filters: Fancy names found by query for red.

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Display on product pages: The brand-assigned colour name still is available.

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