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It’s a machine learning platform for experiment tracking, execution, and debugging. The GUI is a real-time interface with native-like desktop interface which means all data is streamed using reactive RPC APIs via websockets. There’s no REST or polling involved.

Additional new Typescript open-source byproducts that were created specifically for this product and might be of interest to you:

  • Marshal.ts – The fastest universal Typescript data serializer and validator incl. Mongo-ORM abstraction

  • Glut.ts – A reactive real-time client-server framework with distributed entity/file abstraction, distributed data exchange, and automatic entity syncing, based on RxJs and websockets

  • angular-desktop-ui – A GUI library for native-like GUI widget based on Angular 9+

  • npm-local-development A `npm link` alternative that actually works with complex setups.

  • typedoc-plugin-lerna-packages – TS auto doc generator for lerna packages

Some notes:

  • Package management with Lerna

  • oclif for cli (with custom build), Angular 9+ for GUI, Electron 8+, custom client-server framework using Glut.ts, Mongo DB

  • Development time roughly 1 year (80h/week, total EUR ~450k), a single developer (for the main product + those OSS libs)

  • multi component build based on classic Makefile and webpack

I post it here to give people the opportunity to look how such a complex product is organised, that it is possible to write something like that in TS as a solo developer, and to ask questions about the development process and the like.

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