Details on the project:

A few weeks ago I sourced a group of volunteers from Reddit to help build a website to help those in self-isolation due to coronavirus. We’ve now built the website skeleton and core functionality, but need some help on the design front! I’ve attached our current designs, but we’d love for someone with more experience to help improve the whole site’s design, as it’s appearance will have a big impact on how people perceive it, and whether they use and share the page. This is a not for profit project, and I will not be paying for help, but will personally pay for hosting, infrastructure costs etc.

How to help:

Comment on this post, and/or join our Slack group:

Details on the product:

Hundreds of millions of individuals around the world are now being forced to self-isolate. People in isolation struggle to get vital resources such as groceries, hygiene items, and basic medical supplies. Delivery services are becoming steadily more overloaded and booked out. For example, in central London it’s now not possible to get any food delivered to your house within the next 3 weeks. For someone showing symptoms, or a vulnerable/elderly individual, waiting 3 weeks to get supplies is not an option, and neither is leaving your house.

However… a lot of people have shown their willingness to help these people! There are thousands of of volunteers ready to help, but no system to match them with those that need help.

We have built a simple website that allows those in need of a volunteer to enter their address and get matched with the closest volunteers in their area.

Current Designs & Site Layout:

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Home Page

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Volunteer Sign Up

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Volunteer Success & Share

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