I’m doing a personal project where I need to add clickable polygons on a map, which, when clicked, it opens up a side screen, like in the picture below. I’m trying to replicate bing’s covid webpage just to try and learn some webdev during quarantine. The idea is that a side-screen with covid data for a specific city would appear when the polygon containing said city is clicked.

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What I want

I’m a beginner on webdev, but I do have some experience with python (data scientist here). That’s why I chose to start my first project with flask. In order to work with maps on flask, I’m using a lib called folium, which makes it very easy. I can make popup appears when I click on the polygon, but these are not enough, because it messes up the visualization of the map (below).

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What I have

I know nothing about React or vue.js but I’m willing to learn. I just need some guidance, because I’m stuck :/

Thank you very much!

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