Hello everyone. I am in search for some explanation and advice about an assignment I have. The assignment is to correct an issue Chrome is referencing for a web application about connection security. I will post an image about it. The server web application is on is Windows Server 2008 R2, and web app is hosted on IIS 7.5. I have found several web pages/sources(https://support.quovadisglobal.com/kb/a433/how-to-enable-tls-1_2-on-windows-server-2008-r2.aspx) indicating that I have to add manually or by writing a script Register Keys with DWORD values for DisabledByDefault and Enabled values in subregister folders client and server in TLS 1.2 folder. As for Cyphers to change the order of cyphers in Edit Group Policy.My question is, is that enough, because on Microsoft Official documentation i have to do other things aswell, like to update and configure .NET framework, and configure for strong cryptography by modifying other Registry Keys that i can’t find on windows server, to update windows and WinHTTP by installing certain update, and other stuff and i feel lost at certain times when i try to follow it..I am sorry if this is something i should already know, or it should be clear enough for me on Microsoft documentation, and bad english..If this is not the right r page for posting this, I am sorry I will delete it.Thanks everyone in advance and i hope you and your loved ones are all safe and sound in these not so great times and making the best of your time in isolation. Cheers and stay at home.

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