Hi, sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but I have no prior web design experience and was hoping you guys might be able to help!

I am opening up a store and I am experimenting with different pictures (JPG, PNG, PNG Large-scale interlacing, PNG smallest size) to upload on my site to make it look better. I want it so that when someone zooms in on the picture/file, it loads clear & not blurry.

Website: soapme.co

I have 2 PNG files (one is the logo, and one is the footer picture of the green circle that says Judge.me). Both png files loads better the second time on the page / when you refresh the page.

First time on site:

Post image

Second time on site:

Post image

See how clearer the png logo is on second time load

Why is this happening, and how can I fix it so that the clearer PNG loads on the first time on website?

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