I am part of a small company established in the Netherlands. We are looking to expand to India. We have contracted an Indian web developer to set up an Indian website for us and they are at the stage where they want to integrate a payment gateway. I have a few questions to this effect:

  1. Which payment gateway should I use as a small business? I am looking into ‘Payflow’ (by PayPal) as PayPal is widely used but are there better alternatives?

  2. What should I do next? I looked on this Paypal support website but neither the Netherlands nor India is listed as a country where this option is available. It says the following: “If your country does not appear in the list and you use Payflow without PayPal as your processor, Payflow is not available.” Does this mean I can use it in case PayPal is my processor? How would this work?

  3. If this is possible, which option should I choose? I see the following table:

Post image

Which would be the most suitable in my situation?

Note: I already have a business PayPal account set up with the business bank account linked.

I’m definitely not super tech savvy so maybe some things are obvious which I’m not seeing. Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.

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