I would like to share my idea and my implementation with a community.

There is a problem, when you searching something, then click on the link, web page opens, but it is not what did you expect.

So, I decided to create a chrome extension that will add small screenshots for each link. And you will be able to see the page before navigate. Also, it was interesting task how to implement it.

A few words how it works.

I have a Web service which receives urls and sends them to AWS Lambda function to create screenshots. Then it saves screenshots in Amazon S3 and then store web page url and screenshot url in MongoDB.

If the screenshot already exists, it just returns a url.

Post image

LinkShot – how it works

How to use it.

Install chrome extension from Chrome store: LinkShot Extension

Try to search something in google and you should get result like this:

Post image

LinkShot – result

Waiting for your questions about imlementation or let me know what do you think about the idea!


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