Hey guys, So i was having a look at the twitter brand guidelines when I noticed on page 8, the color scheme has been provided but the colors don’t match the actual pantone colors at all.

They have mentioned they use Pantone Black 7 C as their main secondary color. It looks like this on the website:

Post image

Pantone 2383 C and Pantone Black 7 C with a bunch of Cool Grays

Tbh it doesn’t even look like the screenshot I added above, on my screen. It looks more vivid to me but the screenshot looks more dull. Could be my color settings but whatever. Point is, the black that they used (Pantone Black 7 C) looks NOTHING like this. On my screen (In RGB mode in Illustrator)

This is the diff.

Post image

Left: Guide Colors, Right: My Software

I can’t understand why the difference is so high. I even checked the Pantone website and when I search for the color, the thumbnail looks dark but when I click it, it becomes grey again.

I’m scratching my head trying to figure this out.

Post image


Post image

Color Page

I would love it if someone could explain to me the reason this is happening. I’m so confused. Thanks in advance 🙂

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