I am trying to build consciousness around my community regarding the importance of staying at home during the COVID (and the impact).

I draw two simple sketches where in the first one everyone keeps going out, whereas, in the second one, one person stays (in green).

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Everyone going out: infection rates grow exponentially

As statistics indicate that one person infects two more per day, the effect of staying is simply exponential. So the more people stay, the less that gets infected.

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The impact of one person staying home

Lastly (but not the least), it is a bidirectional concept: one person staying will avoid many infections; at the same time, that same person going out will cause so many others infected.

Would any designer like to help me create some design pieces for these ideas? If could be a jpg to share on RRSS, a gif, videos, etc… the more we create the better impact we could generate.

Thanks in advance and stay at home! 😉

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