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This idea comes from a need that i encountered in the gym and i’m sure that a lot of people do. Anyone of you who tries to take the gym more seriously know that in order to progress you need to load more weight with time and then the problem of consistently tracking your progress pops, and after countless notes and notebooks I got tired of it. So my solution was this page.

Note that the How to use section is just for this reddit upload for you guys to understand better, but basically this page will be printed in a way that you can draw on it and then delete it with a marker. So the weight is different between each client.

What you do is mark the first (most left) weight and rep count, and over time you progress the reps and when you get to the end of the rep range, you up the weight and start the reps all over again.

Post image

So i want you to see it from the graphics designers perspective and maybe give me your thoughts of how to make it more appeal to the eye.

If anyone thinks he can help, pm me and ill send you the .ai file to experiment with.

Thank you and be safe&healthy.

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