TLDR; Probably best not to worry about this question ;p

So I’ve been working on a kids’ website for a while now, and part of my idea was to have just some fun facts & information for kids. I initially wanted to have categories where each category would be a different branch of science, however…

  • The branches of science are not exactly mutually exclusive (i.e. entomology is a branch of zoology)

  • Kids generally don’t search Google for “Zoology facts.” They are much more likely to search for “animal facts”

Up to this point I’ve had all of the tiles labeled with their branch of science in the larger font below and a descriptor above. But I’ve been considering changing it so that more recognizable fields remain as is, while the others are changed (i.e. “chemistry” and “physics” will stay the same, while “zoology” will become “animals” in the larger font–and “zoology” in the smaller font) so that they’re more identifiable for kids and more specific. This would also impact the URLs of the pages–i.e. would become while would stay the same.

Anyway, I know I’m probably overthinking this, but I was wondering if this would be kind of a weird thing to do. #1, it kind of would imply to the kids that “zoology” is too complicated of a term for them, and #2 it just seems inconsistent. Also… as a #3, for some categories, like paleontology, I wouldn’t be sure whether to keep it as-is or to change it. I know this is super random and a dumb, rambly question, but if anyone has any advice or suggestions I’d greatly appreciate it 🙂

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