Hi, I am currently making an in browser elevator simulator that works off of a queue. All the business logic works fine and the site looks good and is responsive. My issue that I am running into is properly animating the image of the elevator.

The image of the elevator should move to each floor as it picks up and drops off passengers. I have the elevator starting on floor 1 and I can move it just fine to the first destination floor in the queue. After that things get funky. I do not know how to set positions on the screen that I can tell the elevator to go to. So going from what ever current floor I may be on to any floor that could be up next in the queue is giving me a real issue. I tried to find a solution via google but came up blank.

Ideally I would be able to set variables that represented positions on the window that I could just tell the elevator to go to, or something like that.

I am using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript / Jquery

Here is a picture for reference:

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