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I am a graphic designer, and I am beginning work on a new branding project for an Italian Pizzeria.

I recently traveled to Rome and became more inspired than ever for this new company. It is going to be an upscale & sophisticated design that has elements of a casual and fun experience. This company is going to target men and woman in a broad age range from 18 – 60. I want the bran to have a traditional Italian feel throughout. The focus of the restaurant is going to be authentic Italian pizza. (It won’t be American pizza…ie: not cheese based) I was really inspired by the ancient roman culture for this project, especially famous landmarks such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican and the Pantheon. I don’t mind the name having a potentially tourist-y feel, but If I can stray away from that, that would be great too. I also wanted to explore possible Italian names, and how they name pizzerias in Rome/Italy as well. However I am worried they will get hard to understand/pronounce. I think something in the middle could be perfect!

Some very rough names that I have thought of so far are listed below – though I’m not sure I love any, I wanted to provide this so you could see where I was at:

  • Baroque Pizzaeria

  • Formaggio

  • Romana Pizzeria

  • Roma Pizza

  • Antica Pizzeria

  • Margherita

I have attached a simple mood board of some visual exploration I have explored so far to help you guys understand what I’m thinking. I’m not really the best on word play so I really would love some input! (I don’t think I’ll find a better group to ask this question, but if it is against the rules of the sub-reddit please let me know and I will remove it.) Any help is much appreciated.

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