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Album Art Vol. 1 series is an attempt for me to create album cover designs that are VERY DIFFERENT to each other to also target and get a client (for my Album Art Vol. 2). (because I also love music so much).

Lukewarm Coffee – Album Art Vol. 1 (3/12)

Concept: An album concept taking on an analogy about the feeling of uncertain love. There’s no such thing as a lukewarm coffee, there’s only cold coffee or hot coffee. There’s no “maybe” in love just a “yes” or a “no”. It’s a cafe that serves the doubtful minds.

Used: Maya (Modelling), Cinema 4D (Textures + Rendering), Photoshop (Compositing & Fixes)

I wanted to try Octane since it’s faster and more realistic I guess but I tried the free version on Blender and it needed a lot of learning curve (for me personally, but I already knew how to use 3DS Max and Maya). And Octane license for Cinema4D is super expensive. I ended up using physical render.

you can check out the first 2 album art on my Instagram https://instagram.com/aly.graphy

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