I am an engineer and my default is skepticism. I rather look at numbers and I tend to ignore vague claims “better for users”, “faster speeds”, “more revenue” and such.

I know our kind. When we pull some nice tech feat – and SSR is that – and it works well we love to show off. We write blogs, we create charts, we publish youtube tutorials for others to replicate, we benchmark, we scream all the details about our success, customer’s measurable happiness bump and soaring sales in consequence.

So I googled some real-world SSR success stories with numbers and benchmarks. And to my surprise I didn’t find any.

Closest what I came to was 2 years old post The Performance Cost of Server Side Rendered React on Node.js and few articles with charts in Asian languages.

So I ask Reddit, how come? I would expect at least numbers of success stories, quality and strength of evidence to match the strength of SSR narrative which seems to be as strong as any fundamental religion.

Developers of the world, do you have any real (React) SSR migration stories with numbers to share?

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