So I created my first website using HTML, CSS, JS and GSAP for animations. The site only consists of a landing page. I purchased a domain and linux cpanel hosting. Once I uploaded the site it was loading REALLY slow (ie 2-3mins) and during that time it would either break (not load the css for example) or give “site cannot be reached” error.

At first I thought the images were too large or something (even though I had 2 images only one of which was 3MB). I compressed the large image file but the issue didn’t go away.

At this point I contacted the support and they told me they had a glitch on their end and it would be resolved in a few hours.

The next day the issue continued and I contacted them again and they said the IP was under mitigation and this was normal for security reasons and the issues would be resolved in 24 hours time.

Now I am a complete newbie and have no idea what IP mitigation is and why it is happening or if this is just some sort of “stop asking us and wait” strategy support uses.

What can be causing this issue? Is IP mitigation a normal thing with hosting sites like goDaddy? Would I have needed to set up some custom settings to get the website to run smoothly? I read it could be caching issue, what would I need to cache at this point? The site doesn’t even use a database or anything just simple Landing Page.

p.s I am not sure If i can put a link to my site here. If its okay just mention it in a comment and ill add it.

Thanks a lot for the help!

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