Hi there,

I’m a bit of a newb to all this, however I’m pushing forward, and this is the first time I’ve had to help so far, and I’ve nearly got it to the way I want it.

The issue I’m having is the theme I have chosen (OceanWP which is excellent compared to everything else I’ve tried) does not seem to have one key feature I would like… That is a simple white box for the page that covers the background. I have created a little visual to explain what I mean (I think it’s called wordwrap? But I’m not sure, that’s just what the inspect tool on google calls the element, and google hasn’t really provided much info on it during a search).

On the left is what I’d like, and on the right is what I have. If I use something like elementor, I can add a white box around say a block of text, but it doesn’t look right. I’d like it just like it is on the left, if this is possible.

Post image

If anybody could help me, I’d be immensely grateful! 🙂

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