As the title above explains, I’m currently working on a new website, and it seems I am able to modify part of it in the Inspect Tool, but can’t change it when it comes to adding additional CSS. I’m currently working with the WordPress dot org interface, and this is the aforementioned website:

The particular code I’m working on aims to enlarge the 3 pictures in the “Astronots” section of the website. I managed to modify the max-width and max-height to 200px in the inspector, but it doesn’t work when I add CSS as follows:

Post image

Code snippet added in the “Additional CSS” section of the website

Is there anything I’m doing wrong? As you can tell I’m pretty new to web design and haven’t understood every subtle aspect of CSS and HTML yet.

Thanks for your help!

If anyone knows which class/parameter(?) to modify in order to change the purple highlight of the contact form, it’d be a great heads up (When selecting a field in the contact form, its “underlining” briefly changes color to purple, I’d use a color that fits a tad more the website)!

I don’t know if such a post is allowed within this subreddit, sorry if it isn’t.

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