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I am currently undertaking a big sprint whose goal to take a Bootstrap-based single page app (SPA) written mostly in .NET The key is that it’s all based on Bootstrap so I can use templates and styles within the Bootstrap framework.

The goal is to redo the layout, which is currently a pretty standard centered layout. The nav is currently in typical navbar with dropdowns, and needs to be broken out, and displayed instead in the left-hand portion of the screen. The business wants the full width of the screen to be occupied by the content, with the left-hand portion of the screen containing the navigation.

Is there a best-practice sort of document that walks through this process or describes the best way to handle it? I’m just looking for a little bit of direction as I approach this. I’m a front-end guy and haven’t needed to totally re-organize an app quite this way so I am looking for a few pointers if anyone has a moment. Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice. Thank you for reading this.

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