Does this design trend have a name or UI kit? Want to see if there is a plugin for Vue.

Swervy people, pastel colors, white background until you get to the bottom of the page. You know every new site made in the past year : 0 Normally there is a name like Material Design or Flat Design, just not sure what this is called.

Design standards

– Swervey people at top of page

– White background, the only exception is possibly a shade of white.

– Show which companies are users, make their logos grey.

– Show a few features with moving images of stuff working within the app.

– top right and bottom of page call to action

– after you log in things look like Stripe design (is it called Stripe design?)

Post image
Post image
Post image

I could post a dozen trending startups with basically the same design as examples (YC19 companies are an easy target), but do not want to encourage them by giving them traffic.


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