As the title goes. I have a website that I currently use to host a few simple services I programmed (like a Reddit downloader, image modification, etc…) that use their own PHP and Javascript code, but I also wan’t to host a simple blog about SDR.

The idea is that a user visits the homepage and sees the blog part, but can also navigate to the services I made, and when they’re done there, they can use the menu again to go back to the blog part and other services. Here comes my problem: I want to keep the header, menu, etc… parts on my custom pages, without having to code my own. And if I change something in the header (like the background color), it should also change the header color of the custom pages. I currently tried something like this with wordpress, but I just got some simple HTML options about a single page.

I’m not an expert in web development, but I know my way around with HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. (I’m a technical computer science student, not a software engineer). Because of that I want more customizability in the CMS engine. (Not some drag and drop only thingy). Free is a must and open source would be appreciated.

I added two images to (hopefully) describe it better:

Post image

Blog part.

Post image

Web program I made part.

Post image

And what the code part would look like.

So could any of you guys help me find the right CMS for this situation?

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