In this tutorial, we are going to learn about formatting a number to specific decimal places in JavaScript using the toFixed() method.

Consider that we have a number like this.

Now, we need to format the above number according to specific decimal places like 123.12 or 123.139.

Using toFixed() Method

The toFixed() method formats a number and returns the string representation of a number. Be default the toFixed() method removes the fractional part.

It also accepts the optional argument called digits, which means we need to specify the number of digits after the decimal point.

Let’s see an example:

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Now, you can see that our number is converted to a string representation. Because of this, we need to convert the string back to a number by adding + operator.

Formatting Number to Two Decimal places

To format a number to two decimal places we need to pass 2 as an argument to the toFixed() method.

Similarly, we can format a number according to our needs like this:

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