I am a novice at webdev but at least know some HTML, and can easily embed HTML in my page. I need to embed a large data table, I have it saved locally right now in the form of a csv file. The file is ~500,000 rows with 10 columns. I’d like to embed it in the site but also make it searchable, and only with using HTML or something that wouldn’t take me too long to learn.

I absolutely love the look of something like this from the DataTables(.net) website:

Post image

But there are problems:

1 ) I don’t understand how to correctly implement the associated CSS and JS links. And when I paste in only the HTML I get something like this.

2 ) I’m not completely sure this is free? The home page says ‘free’ but when I look through certain examples it says 15 day trial.

Another option I saw was awesome-tables , and this is perfectly simple! The problem I’m facing however is that it is based on linked Google Sheets , which I can not get to handle my huge data table (but small test sheets with 10-12 rows do work).

I’m appreciative of any help you guys can give so that I can embed my table and make it searchable.


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