The highway is an iconic symbol of American freedom. But it’s also a drab backdrop for countless soul-wearying commutes and thousands of traffic deaths. Joshua Dudley Greer captures this friction in Somewhere Across This Line, a 100,000-mile odyssey through the interstate system. —Laura Mallonee

Buzkashi is a centuries-old Central Asian sport in which men on horses fight over a decapitated, disemboweled goat or calf carcass.Photograph: Anna Huix

In the centuries-old Central Asian sport of buzkashi, several dozen horseback riders fight to throw a disemboweled goat or calf carcass into a ring or other designated area. With no teams, no clock, and no clearly defined playing field, it’s one of the world’s wildest sports. Anna Huix traveled to Tajikistan specifically to photograph a buzkashi match, and masterfully captured the tradition’s pageantry and mayhem. —Laura Mallonee

Photographer Amir Zaki grew up skating, but when he turned his camera on the skate parks of Southern California his interest was more in the parks than the skating.Photograph: Amir Zaki

Skate parks have become a defining feature of Southern California’s built environment. Although sometimes dismissed as eyesores, Los Angeles photographer Amir Zaki finds the beauty in the parks’ sculpted concrete bowls and plateaus, which for him evoke the work of Land Art pioneer Michael Heizer. Zaki photographed the parks early in the morning, before any skaters had arrived, to better capture their austere grandeur. —Michael Hardy

When photographer Neil Burnell visited Wistman’s Wood on a family holiday as a child, he was reminded of Dagobah, the swamp planet where Yoda lives in Star Wars: Episode V—The Empire Strikes Back.Photograph: Neil Burnell

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